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Rot-Weiß-Rot in Ungarn

Visit the camping site and relax at Tiszakécske - on the Thermal Hill of Hungary!


Duration of the promotion: from 25 August, 2014 until further notice

Brief introduction:
The Thermal Bath of Kerekdomb, located in Tiszakécske-Kerekdomb in Eastern Hungary, with a history of five decades was completely renovated in 2014. The bath was added a number of services, unique in Hungary and providing experience for all age groups. In its neighbourhood there is a fully equipped camping site with 60 places.

For those visiting the camping site within the framework of the Rot-Weiss-Rot in Ungarn package we offer a special opportunity of real recreation and relaxation beyond bathing!

Within the frames of the package, guests using the 10-day full camping site service receive a 50% discount from the price of the bath ticket, furthermore, we provide them also with a full-scale sauna use for 2 occasions.

The package includes the following:

Further details and inquiries:
Name: Kerekdomb Thermal Bath and Camping
Company:[/B] Termáldomb Ltd.
Address: 6060 Tiszakécske, Kerekdomb u. 1.
Tel./fax: +36 76 441 568
Cell phone: + 36 20 952 4547

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