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From among the two splashing pools, the first one’s temperature is around 18-20°C, while the second one is filled with hot water. It has an intensive pore- and vasoconstrictor effect if combined with appropriate cold water. It provides an opportunity for vascular training, and it is excellent against arteriosclerosis and for its prevention. The vascular training is performed by the blood vessels expanded in the sauna and suddenly shrinking due to the cold water. The pool has a fill and drain system.

A part of the sauna house, on its left side there is the covered, 90 cm deep Jacuzzi of 26 m2, equipped with whirling elements, the water temperature of which is 36-38°C in winter and 33-35°C in summer. It is an ideal location for a relaxing break and rest in the peaceful environment. Pool with rotating water and chlorine-free disinfection.

In the shell-shaped experience pool with a special design, located next to the resting building the following experience elements are available: whirl benches, bubble beds, geysers, massage jets and water courses.

Children can have fun in the new children's pools and in the wooden playground located next to them. At the edge of the pools, parents can sit down on covered benches.

In the bath there are two spa pools. You can find more information on the composition of the water in the “About us” section of our website. The healing pools had been operated also in the old bath; however, by the application of a special technology, they have been renovated without any change in their function. Above a part of the resting places located in the pools, colourful shades and sun sails make bathing more pleasant.

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