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Kneipp park


The Kneipp park is a versatile, complex wellness, sports and medical facility of the bath which is the biggest in the whole country; it is located on 1,500 m2.
This is a special and unique park, as there are dry-leg walking trails, wet limbs pools, a wet grassy promenade and a botanical herbal park located in it, as well.


The dry-leg walking trails are therapeutic roadways created with different surface treatments, which were created for the reflexology stimulation of the limbs.
Dry Kneipp stages
¤ rough sandy walkway
¤ walkway with 30-50 mm gravels
¤ walkway with 80-120 mm gravels
¤ wooden rod walkway
¤ tree trunk walkway
¤ crushed stone walkway
¤ tree bark walkway
¤ rubble stone walkway

The wet limb pools, with therapeutic roadway pools established with different walking surfaces have been designed for the reflexology and thermal stimulation of limbs: with the cold and hot water tramplers, cold and warm water arm pools, the main parameters of which are the following:
Wet Kneipp stages ~ 30-50 cm gravels in cold water
~ 30-50 cm gravels in warm water
~ arm pool with warm and cold water

Main parameters of the Kneipp pool:
× water surface: 32 m2
× water volume: 4 m3
× temperature of water: 22oC - 36oC

We placed the Kneipp park into a botanical park of spices, in which we planted lots of spice plants, many herbs and some ornamental plants well known in Hungary, too.

Next to the Kneipp park, there is also an outdoor fitness park in which one can perform exercises on 10 pieces of different machines with one’s own body weight.

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