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In the tender published within the framework of the invitation to tender titled “Thermal Hill of Hungary” no. DAOP-2.1.1/J, Termáldomb Ltd. received a 70% non-refundable subsidy in an amount of HUF 498.4 million, with a total cost of HUF 713.6 million for the investment in the development of the bath of Tiszakécske. Thanks to the investment, in the Kerekdomb Thermal Bath a total renovation and service development has taken place.


Within the framework of the project, in Kerekdomb a thermal and medical bath will be established with a unique image and renewed services, in a calm and quiet environment. The goal of the project was to improve the infrastructure of the thermal bath, to increase the niveau of the existing services and to introduce new services (e.g. a sauna world open year-round, children’s pools and Kneipp pools), respectively, to build out a unique image.

Thanks to the implementation of unique servies, the project titled “Thermal Hill of Hungary”, code no. DAOP-2.1.1/J-12-2012-0031 enables the operation of a bath with functions which have not been available yet elsewhere. With the development the bath does not aim to reach only the adult visitors (the older age group, middle age group) and families with children but also the younger generation, by the application of unique innovative target group segmentation and marketing elements.

The planned period of implementation is 15 months. As a result of the development, in the 3 years following the completion of the project a total of 12 new workplaces will be created, and in the first full business, operating year after the opening, as a result of the project, the expected total number of visitors will be around 70 thousand persons.

The project’s planned date of completion is 1 September, 2014.

The project was implemented by the funds provided by the European Union and by the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund.

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